The story is told about a very special tree...who loved children.


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A story is told about a very special tree…who loved children. They played hide' n 'seek in their younger years, they swung from the branches, they ate the apples, they slept in the shade of the tree. Those were such happy, carefree days…the tree loved those early years with the children. The children grew and spent less time with the tree...when they did come by...the tree invited them to take apples and sell them. They did...and the tree was happy. The children matured with new responsibilities in their lives...the tree still loved those children, and offered the branches so that they could provide for their families. They did...and again the tree was happy. Many years passed by...the tree missed the children. When they came, the tree offered the trunk to build their homes. They did, and again the tree was happy. Many seasons passed...windy days and lonely nights...the tree patiently waited. When the children came by, some tired...some weary, and the tree said, "I have a pretty good stump left, come sit down here and rest." They did, and the tree was very happy...And so we must ask many giving trees, have been in our that we could grow...

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