God and I raised a flower bed...


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God and I raised a flower bed…He really did the most…I guess because we used His soil, His air, His water, His life, His sun. My part seemed so trivial that I said, "Lord, You take those bulbs and make them grow right here in the box out in the garage…You don't need me, Lord, You can do it by yourself." "No," He said, "I want to do My part, I'm waiting to begin, but you must do yours, too. You'll have to dig a bed, bury the bulbs, pull the weeds." "Okay," I said, and I did my feeble part and God took those bulbs...burst them with life, fed them with soil, showered them with rain, drew them with sunshine until we had beautiful flowers. And then He seemed to say, "Your life is like a garden and if you'd like, we'll make it a beautiful thing. I'll furnish the soil of grace, the sunshine of love, the rains of blessing, the wonder of life, but you must do the digging." "Lord, You just go ahead...make me what You want me to be...make me a saint, fill me with compassion, give me great faith." "No", He said, "you've got to keep your heart tilled, hoe the weeds of evil, chop away the second-best. I'll make you anything...pure, clean, noble, useful...anything you want to be...but only if you dig.

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